Why This Blog Exists

First of all, it helps if you know who I am.

My name is Josh Chalmers and I am the Dean of Students at Eston College. I am 29 years old and have my master’s degree in Theological Studies with an emphasis in New Testament. I mostly work with the students outside of the classroom, but I also teach at least one class a semester.

For the Last two college years I published a weekly student newsletter that contained a wide variety of material useful for Christians. The newsletter emphasized free or cheap deals you can find on the web. I still find a lot of deals like this but don’t have an outlet for them anymore because the college changed the format of the newsletter to a monthly publication. This has taken some of the fun out of it for me, so I have decided to launch a blog to give myself more motivation to share the resources I find for my job and in my personal life.

A second reason for experimenting with a blog is that I have been asked to speak at my denomination’s general conference this upcoming summer on the topic of technology in ministry. This is a major privilege for someone my age, since speakers at this conference are typically well seasoned vets! I want to be well prepared for this event, and hope to speak out of first-hand experience. So this blog will help with that project as well. I will therefore highlight books and research in this vein.

A third reason for blogging is to provide a way for my students to stay in touch with me and with what I am currently studying. I am a veracious reader and my students often want me to give book recommendations. This will hopefully provide a way to do that more effectively. Besides this, I hope that my efforts will help build up the body of Christ on a broader scale beyond the people I directly know.

The final reason I am starting this blog is because I was inspired by a book titled The Blogging Church. I read this book in preparation for the presentation mentioned above, and was encouraged by the way it provides a filter for viewing new technologies as either tools or toys. The blog can be both, and I believe mine will probably function both ways.

I love sharing what I find interesting (just ask my wife), and so you can expect to find a range of topics here, from rants about stuff that bugs me, to raves about sweet deals or geeky stuff like how to best take use your Kindle, to book recommendations and reviews. I hope to post every other day. If you get any more than that, consider it a bonus!

Thanks for reading!


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