Unfriend Yourself and A Free Kindle Commentary on Mark

The Vessel Project highlights free Christian resources on a regular basis. Over the last little while the author has collected a ton of free Kindle, Nook, and other Christian books.

I wanted to highlight two of the free books I am most excited about:

The first is cleverly called Unfriend Yourself by by Kyle Tennant. Its a challenge to disconnect from social media for three days…amazing! Can you believe that things have gotten that bad? As Christians we are now challenging each other to three day fasts from technology? I guess for some teenagers that would feel like a long time, given that some report that when their cell phone has “been banished to the school locker … they know when their phone is vibrating. The technology has become like a phantom limb, it is so much a part of them.” (Shery Turkle, Alone Together, 16-17). You should check out Kiki’s much fuller description of Unfriend Yourself here.

The second book is a commentary on Mark by Robert H. Gundry. Gundry is a well respected scholar, and this commentary looks like it is of the “let’s get straight to the text” variety, and well-worth downloading! Again, Kiki has an excellent description of the book here.


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