One of my favorite things is finding a sweet deal. When it comes to getting a good deal, the Internet is like the Wild Wild West. The laws are not always obeyed like they should be: avoiding taxes happens more often than not, and tarrifs don’t always get paid. Sometimes you get scammed, or you get a product you can’t claim warranty on because you bought it from a middle-party.

Nevertheless, there is more than just fool’s gold out there. You can always find worthwhile treasures if you know what you are doing. If you want to become an expert at surviving in this no-man’s land, one of the most valuable tools you will need is called Cashbackholic. Before you even click on it however, pause and notice how dangerously addictive this can be!

Anyway, getting sweet deals for me often starts with a cashback comparison site like this one. Simply type the company you want to buy from, whether its Ebay, Sears, or, and a fancy comparison engine like Cashbackholic will tell you which cashback service gives you the best rate of return on your purchase. Not only that, but each cashback service is ranked by users, so you can make a quick decision about which one you want to use. In order to use any cashback service, you must start at their web page, make an account, and then click through to the company you want to buy from.

Most cashback services give you some kind of bonus for signing up, ranging between 2-5 dollars. Unfortunately, many won’t pay you out until you have earned at least 10 dollars.

One of my favorites is called Big Crumbs, and they pay you out with Paypal on a bimonthly basis with no minimum required. Another great option for Canadians is Great Canadian Rebates, which only provides Canadian companies in your search results.

The final site to mention is called iGive. iGive is unique in that when you use this service you can opt to have your cashback donated to the cause of your choice. Personally, I set up Eston College as the recipient of my donations. The great thing about iGive is that they have been able to make agreements with companies which no other cashback service has been able to (e.g., iGive is also great because they will give the cause of your choice a penny for every search you make using their search engine! A treat that makes meandering through the Wild Wild West feel like you are some kind of philanthropic adventurer.


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