Brain Rules and Higher Biblical Education – Part 3

To conclude this series on the changes currently taking place in Higher Biblical Education, lets look at an experiment Harvard is trying with their MBA program. The following information comes out of an article from The Economist titled: “Field of Dreams” from the December 3-9, 2011 edition.

Apparently the Harvard faculty has been reading books like Brain Rules as well, since they have overhauled the Harvard Business School to emphasize “fieldwork — i.e., going out and talking to people.” You’d think it was a normal assumption that business students would actually be practicing business as part of their training, but a typical MBA program requires “students to sit in a classroom and discuss case studies written by professors. Now they may also work in a developing country and launch a start-up.”

I love the acronym they have adopted for the hands-on component of the program:  FIELD “Field Immersion Experiences for Leadership Development”. This has so many positive Christian overtones that I wish a Christian ministry had come up with it.

If Harvard has its way, “‘Learning by doing’ will become the norm.” And if Bible Colleges are going to remain relevant, we must find more ways to make this true in our context as well.


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