Communication 3.0 and Digital Pastors

I like to read random magazines. My boss had one on his desk called Outcomes: Ministry Communications, which is published by Christian Leadership Alliance. An article called “Communication 3.0: Trends that Will Impact Your Ministry” by Drew Goodmanson caught my attention. This article contains several noteworthy points:

First, the internet is not going away, so we need to be prepared. To put it bluntly, “imagine that the entire world has a smart phone … and will want to access information about you using it. Then plan accordingly.” Conclusion, its time for Eston College to build an app!

Second, “we are in a post-website world.” This means “the primary use of the web is about becoming more relational, not informational. Our focus should be to go where the people are, not to expect that they will come to us. The question you need to answer is, How do we become integrated into the online habits of our audience? Websites are still valuable to accomplish the goals of your organization, but a website is meaningless if no one visits it.” Thus, we need to find ways to relationally connect with people smack dab in the middle of their normal online world. Does the term “digital incarnation” work here?

Third, in light of the previous two conclusions, and this idea shocked me the most, but it really shouldn’t surprise anyone who has been paying attention: some churches are hiring “digital pastors to interact with their congregations online.” Amazing how things are changing. I don’t know yet whether I like this, but as some have said, Jesus told us to go into “all the world” and this would include “the digital world” as well.

If you liked this post you might want to consider following Drew Goodmanson’s blog. Also, in my next post I want to highlight an example of a digital pastor who is worth emulating.


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