10 Digital Commandments

Based on the book by Eric Qualman “The Digital Leader“, David Murray lists The 10 Digital Commandments.

Here’s the first one: “1. Thou shalt repeat every day: “Nothing is confidential.”

Digital footprints are the information we post about ourselves online, while digital shadows are what others upload about us. Collectively, these two items have changed the world forever, and as current or aspiring leaders it is necessary to adapt to this new reality….With the advent of radical and accessible technology, each one of us, for the first time in history, is creating an influential mark forever—we are all mini-digital celebrities and heroes to someone. The fact that what we do today will be recorded for eternity is new to most of us and it can be downright overwhelming (95-101).

Rather than becoming an expert on privacy policies, the best approach is to assume that everything you do digitally will be found out by the person you least want to find out. Taking that one step further, everything that you do offline will be digitally discoverable as well (880-881).”

Make sure you read the whole thing! Its definitely worth reading!


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