Digital Skin: A QR Code Tattoo

So you still aren’t convinced that the digital world is melting into the real world? Perhaps the following picture might help clarify things for you:

One of the blogs I follow, Cyborgology, highlighted this tattoo. Apparently if you scan it with a QR reader it will take you to a random web page. There is something deliciously ironic about a tattoo which is supposed to be semi-permanent, and yet representing something so ethereal as random bits on the Internet.

The author also points out that personal QR codes are “a powerful symbolic identifier, one that is uniquely individualistic (there is no threat of ‘misreading’ the tattoo when it links directly to one’s Facebook or MySpace account) and lends itself to personal branding: The corporeal self linked directly to the digital self.” Odd in some ways, but not too far-fetched.

Anyways, I think a certain exiled prophet had something to say about digital skin 2000 years ago. He was probably onto something…


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