Sr. High Encounter Workshop at Eston College: “The Intersection of Videogames, Relationships, and Faith”

Every year at Encounter (Eston College’s youth retreat), some of the faculty do workshops on topics that are relevant for youth. This year I chose to speak on the “Intersection of Video Games, Relationships, and Faith.”  The theme this year for Encounter is “Pilgrims and Strangers”, out of Hebrews 12, so I decided to base my workshop on the fact that we are desiring creatures, and nothing in this world satisfies are deepest longings except for God. Its true that Video Games may help numb those desires, or re-direct them for a time, but my whole workshop is summed up in this sweet quote from C. S. Lewis, which is hanging in the foyer of the college:

If you are interested, you can check out my workshop below. I interspersed the presentation with various Youtube clips. You can watch them at the correct moments by walking through the downloads and links in the order as follows:

1. 1 – Intro Audio – We are all on a quest.mp3

2. David lynch ps2 commercial “wolfman” Tim Hope

3. 2 – Audio – We are made for relationship.mp3

4. Man marries videogame character in Japan (first-ever man/game wedding)

5. 3 – Audio – Cyber Pilgrims, limited senses, and delayed gratification.mp3

6. One Hour Per Second

7. 4 – The Economy of Attention and Consequences for Christians.mp3

8. Shane Hipps on the Hidden Power – “Words vs. Images”

9. 5 – The image becomes more important than the word.mp3

10. Mark Driscoll – Video Games Aren’t Sinful, They Are Just Stupid (watch the longer, but more enjoyable version Mark Driscoll – Boys Who Can Shave)

11. 6 – Conclusion and recommendations for digital disciples.mp3

Leave a comment and let me know what other recommendations you would make to young people in this media saturated world.


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