Digital Poverty and Digital Utopia

To end off my series on the ways that the digital world is interlacing with the physical world I thought it would be appropriate to mention that although things are changing pretty fast in North America, not everyone is so fortunate. Check out the following infographic from to get a sense of global digital disparity:

In contrast, its hard not to get excited about the visions of digital utopia from the big tech companies, but as we look forward to the promised land flowing with digital integration and supposed simplicity, let’s remember that in order for us to enjoy such luxuries, others have to have very little.

The first vision of Digital Eden is from Corning, the second is from Microsoft:

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One response to “Digital Poverty and Digital Utopia

  • joshthejuggler

    The best reminder of the reality of Digital Disparity comes out of the book: A Future Perfect: The Challenge and Hidden Promise of Globalization, which states: “People who talk excitedly about an unprecedented era of globalization should read more history. By some measures, the world is not much more integrated … Much of the final quarter of the 20th century was spent merely recovering ground lost in the previous 75 years—and today’s ‘global village’ still effectively excludes billions of people. Most of the world citizens live on less than $10 a day; most don’t have access to phones; four out of every five have never traveled further than 100 miles from their home.” Although the book is over 10 years old, its helpful to remember that we take a lot for granted when we assume an amazing digital future.

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