Review of “The Radical Question: What is Jesus Worth To You?” by David Platt

The book Radical by David Platt really impressed me. I first bumped into it on Youtube, and if you haven’t seen this clip yet, check it out before reading my review.

For some time now I have believed that North American Christians are hungry for a challenging gospel; Radical preaches an extreme gospel in a refreshing way. Too often, books of this type fall into the trap of criticizing the Church without providing ways to move forward. Platt provides five steps the average North American Christian can connect with. He calls this “the radical experiment,” and recommends that Christians practice these 5 things for a year-long period:

  1. Pray for the entire world
  2. Read through the entire Word
  3. Sacrifice your money for a specific purpose
  4. Spend your time in another context
  5. Commit your life to multiplying community

Since I was so impressed with Radical, I was pretty excited when I got an audio copy of the shorter version: The Radical Question: What Is Jesus Worth to You?

I received this book as part of the reviewers’ program, which does give away books in exchange for reviews, but I do not have to give a positive review. Having said that, the audio book is only about an hour long, is narrated well, and is definitely worth the listen.  This book is really just a teaser for Platt’s longer work, and having read both, I would say that they are both great. However, they are similar enough that you should read or listen to whichever version you can get your hands on, but not both as they are too similar.

One statement Platt made which I won’t soon forget is that when Jesus calls me to deny myself and take up my cross, today the counterpart of that statement would be to take up my electric chair. This inspired me to create the following picture. I hope it helps encourage you to read Platt’s book and to be inspired by the radical nature of your discipleship to Christ.

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