What Does the Internet Look Like? Visualizing Big Data

Try for a moment to imagine what the internet looks like. I know, that’s not really possible, but here’s some things that might help.

First, an infographic that details some of the updates to the internet every single day (this infographic was designed by MBAonline.com):

Second, Yahoo has tried to provide a way of showing in real-time what people are searching for right this moment. The following is a snapshot from March 9th at approximately 8:30 PM for males in my age bracket (25-29). The other neat feature is that you can go back in time over the last 24 hours to see what people have been searching for recently. Be sure to check it out because its hard to describe without seeing this for yourself (Yahoo’s visualization of email is also pretty sweet):

Third, the YouTube video called “Network” by Michael Rigley helps us get a sense of how much data companies track from your habits online (also known as your digital footprint).

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