“Avoid Being Just” with Technology

I recently finished Unfriend Yourself by Kyle Tennant. And thought I would share some of my favorite thoughts.

Here’s my favorite part. Tennant helps remind us that technology affects how the message is received. The following story illustrates this well:

“A few months ago, a good friend of mine went into the hospital for a minor head injury. News of Jerell’s accident spread around campus like wildfire, not only through word of mouth, but through social media as well. As this happened, we, his friends, had a choice to make: how do we let Jerell know that we are concerned and worried and praying for him? Jerell’s Facebook account exploded, with people putting comments on his wall. I visited him at the hospital, and while I was there, his phone announced that he had a new text about every twenty minutes. By the end of his hospital visit, few had visited or even called. Most people had chosen to defer relational responsibility and did the easy thing instead: they “just” texted.”

The lesson in all of this: Avoid Being “Just” “I’ll just text him.” “I’ll just shoot her a message.” “I’ll just write on his wall.” Unfriend Yourself provides the following helpful chart to help us determine how “just” we are becoming in our communication:

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