Feeling Dumb or Depressed? Blame the Internet

If you haven’t heard anything about how the Internet is changing our brains, check this infographic out for a quick summary! Its fascinating stuff, akin to Nicholas Carr’s excellent book The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains.

The infographic  was created by: Forensic Psychology.

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2 responses to “Feeling Dumb or Depressed? Blame the Internet

  • Jeremy Ratzlaff

    This… makes so much sense. I’m beginning to think that a serious internet ‘fast’ is in order. And here we’ve been assuming that the internet makes us ‘smarter’…

    • joshthejuggler

      Yah I’m with you Jeremy. The hard part is to actually following through since the Internet is so addicting.

      You may also appreciate the following infographic: “Is Your Desk Job Making You Fat & Sick?

      As well, did you see my previous post on the Sabbath Manifesto? It’s about an app put out by a Jewish organization to remind you to unplug on a weekly basis. Its also linked to the “National Unplugging Day.” Kind of ironic that we need an app to tell us to stop using our gadgets…

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