25 GBs for Free on SkyDrive

If you like sending your data to the Cloud using Dropbox, but find you are running out of space you will be glad to hear that SkyDrive is getting a serious facelift.

You can access SkyDrive with newer Apple products (iPod Touch, iPad, and Lion forward), and newer Windows platforms (sorry XP users).

SkyDrive will be limited to 7GB of free storage for new SkyDrive users. But here’s the important part for past users:

if you were a user of SkyDrive before April 22nd, you can upgrade to 25 GB for free; but you have to go to your account and select this option.

I would hurry, because there’s no telling how long this will be available. If you had uploaded more than 4GB of files before April 22nd, you will be automatically opted in to the free upgrade.

The following price structure has been set if you need more space (from Mashable’s report – link below): “If 7GB just isn’t enough for your needs, the company is also offering several paid storage options: 20GB for $10/year, 50GB for $25/year, and 100GB for $50 a year.”

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