Martin Lloyd Jones’ Sermons Free as Audio Downloads!

One of my daily habits (excluding Sundays) is to read 10 pages from a great book (click here to learn more about this). Recently I finished a great book called Spirtual Depression. Its a collection of sermons by Martin Lloyd Jones on the role that emotions play in the Christian life. I found MLJ’s preaching interesting and refreshing.

So when I heard recently that all of MLJ’s sermons are now freely available as audio downloads, I was pretty excited. You do have a get an account, and they limit the number of downloads you can make a week, but this is still a grand deal! If you don’t know where to start, I would recommend the series “Spiritual Depression.”

John Piper also provides a thought about listening to MLJ, which I thought worth repeating. This comes from a panel discussion from Together for the Gospel 2006:

“Now you can’t listen too much of MLJ because you will preach poorly if you do. He was absolutely unique. He could sustain a level of seriousness that probably the average one of us can’t without sounding stilted, so do a little bit of MLJ.”

Although this is a side note I also think its worth mentioning the other preachers Piper likes to listen to: Sinclair Ferguson, who according to Piper is also”relentlessly serious” and Alister Begg.

Have you ever listened to MLJ’s sermons? Who else do you like to listen to? Let us know in the comments.


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