Review of The Explicit Gospel

I finished a great audiobook the other day called The Explicit Gospel by Matt Chandler (with Jared C. Wilson). If you haven’t heard of it yet, you might want to watch the video below for a quick intro:

Chandler is an entertaining author who has a witty way with words. His book aims to help us define exactly what we mean when we use the word gospel. To do this he uses two phrases to organize the biblical data regarding the gospel. For the huge, cosmic, universal scope of the gospel he uses the umbrella phrase “The Gospel in the Air” and for the personal message of salvation for individuals he uses “The Gospel on the Ground.” These two phrases set the agenda for the first two sections of the book, and although the book would be helpful with these two sections by themselves, the book appropriately concludes with everyday gospel applications.

Chandler’s book contains a worthy message that is much needed in a day and age where the word gospel seems to be the new catch-term for evangelicals, and often is only implicit. I would definitely recommend this book because the content is excellent and Chandler’s conversational style perfectly fits the audio format.

Full Disclaimer: I received this book as part of the reviewers’ program, which does give away free books in exchange for reviews, but I am not required to give a positive review in order to participate in this program.


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