CTRL+C & CTRL+V As Sacred Symbols of Worship

In the absence of God, people will make a religion out of something.

In Technopoly, Neil Postman argues that in an information society information itself will eventually takes on metaphysical status: “Attend any conference on telecommunications or computer technology, and you will be attending a celebration of innovative machinery that generates, stores, and distributes more information, more conveniently, at greater speeds than ever before. This is the elevation of information to a metaphysical status: information as both the means and end of human creativity.”

In a previous blog post I cited Postman’s quote and connected it to Googlism, which claims Google actually is God. Recently however, I just discovered another religion which fulfills Postman’s prophecy even more perfectly, its called Kopimism. It takes its name from the Swedish term Kopimi, which means “copy me.” The official web page claims that, “Kopimi is the name of an attitude to life, animated by the desire to be copied and copied. For us the question of freedom to copy is not political, but much deeper than that.” What is this deeper meaning? “to answer the existential question: what is the meaning of life? We believe the answer lies in the copying, distribution and remixing of information.”

Even though its hard to imagine this as anything more than playful irony, its funny that Postman predicted this would happen.

The official logo of Kopimism, which you are encouraged to copy.

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