Don’t Multitask – Write or Die Instead

Have you ever had trouble getting your thoughts onto the page or the screen? For me, writer’s block is not usually a problem. My problem is that I get distracted quite easily by multitasking. As I write, my mind always comes up with other things that seem more urgent, like sending an e-mail, or topics to research that would help complement what I am writing about. Enter the nifty little app: Write or Die!!!! (the actual program doesn’t include exclamation marks, but they seem necessary for some reason).

The whole purpose of Write or Die is to provide a disincentive. It gives you a few seconds before it starts deleting words. So work, and work hard, or there will be consequences. There are different levels of consequences based on what settings you select: on strict mode, aptly named Kamikaze, the program starts deleting words in about 20 seconds or so. The more gentle modes include a text box pop up to remind you to keep writing, or just slightly less irritating than having your work deleted before your very eyes, it plays a really annoying sound that won’t stop until you start writing again.

I don’t know about you, but I think this tool really suits my personality! I wrote this blog post on it and was quite pleased with the results. The program is currently a paid Apple product, but there is a free web app that I found incredibly user friendly, and it served my purposes just fine.

Be sure to try it out and let us know how it worked for you!

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