Have You Ever Wondered How Much Paul’s Missionary Journeys Would Have Cost?

I recently came across a fascinating use of technology for doing Biblical history. The tool was created by Stanford University ORBIS.

If you want to estimate how much Paul’s missionary journeys might have cost him, a brand new tool has been developed to estimate the costs of traveling by sea in 200 AD.

A blog post by OpenBible.Info called “Calculating the Time and Cost of Paul’s Missionary Journeys” gives further information about the tool. The model is really intense as “it models ancient sea routes based on historical sources and wave height.” If you want to get the goods on how much Paul’s journeys cost him, be sure to check this out!

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One response to “Have You Ever Wondered How Much Paul’s Missionary Journeys Would Have Cost?

  • Claude-Henri Berger

    I think the cost of traveling at Paul time was very cheap, the cost of travelling of this app is based on price of “Diocletian’s prices edict”. So you can not extrapolate like this the cost of the journey at Paul’s time.

    A field worker was paid 1 denarii AD 50, but in AD 301 the same worker was paid 15 denarii.
    The cost of traveling in the 1st century by example from Athenae to Alexandria (1162km) was about 2 denarii. (cf “Chantal Reynier “Saint Paul sur les routes du monde romain” Cerf Editions 2009). In fact the price was really cheap for unsecure reasons…

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