“Shipping Yesterday” Hilarious Video about Amazon.com

Instant gratification is one of our culture’s highest values. A lot of people I know don’t like to buy stuff on-line because of the shipping wait time; however, I get a special thrill out of checking the mail every day to see if my package arrived yet.

Amazon.com is on a mission to kill that sweet feeling with same day shipping. The following video imagines the next step, with “Shipping Yesterday.” Too funny!

What do you think, is this a good critique of how consumerism goes too far? Do other examples light up in your mind?

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One response to ““Shipping Yesterday” Hilarious Video about Amazon.com

  • Jeremy Ratzlaff

    I ordered my Kierkegaard Biography from Amazon on Thursday, no special shipping costs or anything, and much to my pleasant surprise it arrived the next day. Definitely makes me want to order from Amazon more often.

    Also that video is fantastic.

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