Is the Internet God for Some People?

In a previous blog post, Big Data Part 1: Are Stats Guys the New High Priests, I described in detail how the Internet has taken on an almost metaphysical status:

In Technopoly, Neil Postman explains how this can lead to a deadly cycle: “Attend any conference on telecommunications or computer technology, and you will be attending a celebration of innovative machinery that generates, stores, and distributes more information, more conveniently, at greater speeds than ever before. This is the elevation of information to a metaphysical status: information as both the means and end of human creativity.”

It shouldn’t surprise us then to find statements as strong as this: “‘If I can operate Google, I can find anything,’ said Alan Cohen, then vice president of Airespace, which sells wireless technology. ‘Google is like God. God is wireless, God is everywhere, God sees everything. Any questions in the world, you ask Google.’” It also shouldn’t surprise us that there is actually a religion, whether farcical or not, which claims that Google actually is God.

I was reminded of this post when I saw this picture. Its weird to see an ad like this, which uses the same kind of language that we would use about God, personifying the Internet and dis-embodying whichever company is actually behind the quick money…

Have you noticed other examples like this?

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