Public Shaming and A New Fence

I know this is way off my usual topic, but I couldn’t resist.

This past weekend my awesome brother came up to Eston to help me build a fence. It is one of the most incredible fences I have ever seen (click for pictures from my wife’s blog)! He is amazing at his job!

I finished putting a few last boards up tonight, and thought that while I was working I should let the dogs explore the yard without a rope for the first time ever. This was very exciting for the first 20 minutes as they raced around the yard chasing each other and exploring–until one of them was missing. At that point I jumped on my bike and found Jack around the corner kindly helping the neighbors get rid of their garbage.

Later this evening, when I was reading through some blogs I stumbled upon a dogshaming blog. The only point of this blog is, in Mashable’s words, to “teach him a lesson by blasting out his defiant deeds across the Internet.” You can do this by taking a picture of your dog with a sign explaining his misdeed, and thereby dutifully shame him. I guess its not as bad as Facebook Parenting.

Oh the many ways the Internet helps us kill our leisure time…


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