High Tech Bible Smuggling

While listening to Biola’s Digital Ministry Conference, I was excited to hear about the ways that digital technologies are being used to provide resources to persecuted countries. From two different presenters I learned that micro SD cards are being loaded with Christian resources, inserted in hollow coins, and smuggled into persecuted countries.

Other cool uses for mobile tech include:

  • Loading a hard drive with Christian resources, going to a pastor’s conference in a remote location in Africa, and setting up a WiFi signal so that pastors can download whatever resources they want to their smart phones. Then pack up and move on to the next conference.
  • Having people in Muslim countries respond to altar calls by texting “777” to a number shown on a screen. As a result, the Muslim person is enabled to get information about how to become a Christian without immediately endangering their life. This is followed up a few days later with more information.

This was exciting news for me to see how tech is being used for the glory of God. The presenter who talked the most about high tech digital ministry for evangelism was John Edmiston, “Mobile Ministry Technology“. The presenter I liked the most on this topic though was Brian Chan’s,  “Open Source as Missions” because of his passion for missions.

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