Text-To-Podcast: Make Text Into a Personalized Podcast

Have you ever been reading a web page and wished you could listen to it as a podcast instead?

“SoundGecko is a text-to-audio transcribing service that lets you enjoy written content from around the web on the go. Give your eyes a rest and listen to articles by simply sending an email or pressing a button in your browser.”

In order to use SoundGecko you must set up an account. From there you can use SoundGecko several different ways.

First, you can email the URL of a web page you want to listen to at: go@soundgecko.com. They will send you an mp3 in response.

Second, SoundGecko has a Chrome extension that you can click once to send any text from the web to your personalized podcast RSS feed. There are few web pages that don’t work (e.g., articles that you subscribe for like newspapers).

Third, there is also an iPhone app. Its a great app for this purpose if you don’t already have a favorite podcast program (my personal recommendation for iPhone is Downcast). It has a few good features, like the ability to skip ahead or go backwards 10 seconds, or you can increase or decrease the speed of the reading. Here’s a screenshot:

Fourth, you can link your Dropbox or Skydrive  account so that you can access your mp3 files from anywhere.

SoundGecko’s service is free but there are also subscriptions plans. I don’t think I need to pay for a plan at this point since its limitations are quite generous:

  • You can convert up to 30 articles a day (the word limit is 4,000 words).
  • You can subscribe to one RSS feed for free.
  • You can’t convert attachments.

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One response to “Text-To-Podcast: Make Text Into a Personalized Podcast

  • joshthejuggler

    I just came across another app which does the same thing, but doesn’t appear to have any limitations. There is a small purchase price though.

    http://lisgo.org/ – the app is called “Lisgo Blog Speaker”

    I think you should test out Gecko first and see if you will actually use this kind of service.

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