Apps for the Christian Life

I spoke at ACOP’s Young Leader’s Conference in Calgary this past weekend on the topic of digital leadership. I mentioned several apps that may prove helpful for the Christian life and thought it would be helpful to put them together in one place for easy access:

Bible Apps:

    • This app is free for every platform that I know of.
    • It includes the ability to set up an accountability partner for your reading plan, so if you fall behind, the app will email your accountability partner.
    • It can read aloud to you.
    • It recently launched video devotionals.

Apologetics Apps:

  • Fast Facts, Challenges & Tactics
    • .99 cents for iPhone or iPod touch
    • An app that gives you questions or arguments that a non-Christian might use to challenge your faith, and really good answers.
      • This is helpful whether you use it to witness to non-Christians, or just to build up your own faith.
  • Talking About Jesus
    • .99 cents for iPhone or iPod touch
    • This app includes 18 short videos to encourage you to talk to your friends about Jesus.
    • You can show this app to your non-Christian friends and work through it together if you want to.
    • The app also includes a 28-day personal reading guide through Luke’s Gospel and a leader’s guide for using the app in small group discussions.
    • This app is rich with videos so it may take a while to download, but it is well worth the wait.
  • God’s GPS Web App
    • .99 cents for any smartphone or tablet (this app runs in your browser).
    • If you have ever tried to figure out how to naturally start a spiritual conversation, or wondered how to engage your neighbors, friends, family and co-workers in practical, doable, and authentic ways that help them move towards the heart of Jesus, God’s GPS was designed for you.
    • This app is not designed to show to non-Christians, but to help you become equipped to share your faith appropriately and conversationally.

Prayer Journal Apps:

  • Tim Challies has done a good job of reviewing the main options at his blog. His reviews should help you choose the best option for “Praying with Your iPhone”.

Sabbath Manifesto App:

  • Sabbath Manifesto
    • While not technically a Christian app, this program is designed to help remind you to unplug weekly.
    • It will also notify your social networks that you will be offline.

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