Cheat Sheet for Driving Facebook Interaction

A recent report studied “18,000 Facebook Pages from the world’s largest brands” to determine how to “maximize interaction using Facebook timeline.”

Here are some interesting tidbits from their findings:

  1. Post on days that are best for your industry (for non-profits that is Friday through Sunday). Schedule posts to take advantage of times when other brands are posting less, such as weekends.
  2. Post between 8 PM and 7 AM to present fans with content when they are not busy.
  3. Post one or two times per day, but space posts out to avoid  exceeding seven posts per week.
  4. Keep it short: use 80 characters or less per post.
  5. Use photo attachments or text-only status updates to increase
  6. Show users a display URL on posts including a link, but track link clicks internally with a shortened URL.
  7. Use questions to drive dialogue in the form of comments.Place your questions at the end of posts.
  8. Use “caption this” and “fill in the blank” strategies to drive more comments.
  9. Use emoticons as a layer of non-verbal communication.
  10. Use calls to action to explicitly tell fans what action you want them to take.
  11. Use “softer sell” keywords, which resonate better with users.

You can download the whole report at: buddy media. A cheat sheet with all of the tips can be found on the last page of the report.

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