On Turning 30

This last year I read a book called Passages: Predictable Crises in Adult Life. There were a couple of quotes in it on turning 30 that I thought I should re-visit on my birthday.

“After 30, there are no more advantages to be gained from simply being younger than other people” (p. 210).

I relate to this one because I feel like much of my success so far is due to my young age. It will be interesting to see how my age affects how people perceive me as I get older.

The second quote comes from The Death of the Russian Novel (p. 195 in Passages):

“Sometimes I sit down with myself and say, ‘Look, you’re thirty now. At best, you’ve got 50 more years. But what are you doing with it? You drag yourself from day to day, you spend most of your time wanting, wanting, but what you have is never any good and what you don’t have is marvelous. Why don’t you eat your cutlet, man? Eat it with pleasure and joy. Love your life. Make your babies. Love your friends and have the courage to tell those who seek to diminish you that they are the devil and you want no part of them. Courage, man, courage and appetite!”

Although half of this sounds like existential slop, I like the way it pins down my restless heart–especially when it comes to technology. I always want the newest tech, and these desires are never satisfied. As I get older I want to keep learning what it means to experience Paul’s secret of “being content in each and every situation” (Phil. 4:12).

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