App for Memorizing Scripture

A great new app for iPhone called Memorize Anything is perfect for memorizing Scripture. The app is powerful because it asks you to first record the passage you want to memorize. Then you can listen to it over and over with a few tricks for making retention easier. Here’s a description from the app’s home page:

“We believe that the best way to memorize something is to HEAR it over and over. Why? Because hearing it means you don’t have to actively read it. Instead you listen and soak it in – paying attention whenever you can. Now you can be memorizing while you drive or while you work. Furthermore, when you hear the text spoken with your tone, inflection, and rhythm it will be especially natural for you to listen and SPEAK/THINK ALONG. When you start to memorize portions of it, bump the skill level up to “EASY”. This will periodically fade the audio out for a small amount of time, leaving you a chance to really test your ability. No worries if you get it wrong, the audio will fade back in and your learning continues.”

One of the things I like is that the app encourages you to learn a chapter at a time not just one verse:

“We really encourage people to stretch themselves to learn scripture in chapters instead of verses. This may seem impossible, but think about this… how many songs do you know word for word? Of course a song is more fun to listen to, but it demonstrates the power of hearing something over and over again.”

Check it out here.

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