Texting as Kingdom Building

C. S. Lewis wrote in Fern Seeds and Elephants that: “Christianity does not simply replace our natural life and substitute a new one: it is rather a new organization which exploits, to its own supernatural ends, these natural materials.” If I were to make a list of the most natural materials in modern life, I think cell phones would be near the top.

In light of this, how many of the last 2o text messages in your phone had anything to do with Christ?

If you are like most Christians, the answer might be zero, or one. The Good Book Blog has a great article on how texting can be used intentionally for building Christ’s kingdom. Here are some suggestions :

  • sending Jesus-centred encouragements
  • asking for prayer requests
  • reminding people of biblical truths
  • inviting people to come to evangelistic events or church activities
  • relaying the joy of answered prayer
  • suggesting meeting up with someone outside our normal circle of friends

Why not take “a moment to send an intentionally Kingdom-building text? Have a pray, think about who you could encourage in their walk with the Lord and then tap out a message … It’s only 160 characters and it could transform their day.”

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