Who has the Cheapest E-books? Kindle, Nook, or Kobo

Are you trying to decide which e-book reader to buy? One of the important factors to keep in mind is the price of each book. The original buy-in for the device is hardly worth talking about unless you are going to spring for an iPad or Kindle Fire.

I made these price comparisons a while ago, but I had forgotten about the Kobo until today (I checked a few of the books from the other companies to make sure that the prices haven’t changed too drastically since I first put this together).

Book Comparison Chart

It is worth mentioning that the prices for Amazon.com are really skewed by the two Tim Keller books. For whatever reason, Amazon.com has overpriced this book, but when it first came out the Meaning of Marriage was only 12.99.

 What should we learn from this exercise?

  • Right now I do not recommend shifting your Kindle Library to Amazon.ca—the selection is limited and the average cost of a book is about .50 cents more than Amazon.com; if our dollar improves dramatically in the future this may change, but the bigger concern is the limited selection available on the Canadian site).
  • In my experience ebooks are dramatically cheaper when they are first released, even to the point where they give them away for the first two or three days (if you want to know about the daily deals on Kindle books follow this blog via email: http://www.gospelebooks.net/).
  • Finally, ebooks are not always cheaper. If you want to compare the same books, but the hard copies, see this post by Tim Challies, who originally got me started on this research.

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