A Poem by George Macdonald on Fatherhood

We had our second child on Friday morning. If you want the details and pictures you can head over to my wife’s blog: Lee Lee’s World.

Meanwhile, I have a lot more time to read than normal and have been treating myself to a novel by John Macdonald called Adela Cathcart. It contains this cute little poem about a new father looking at his brand new son (you can get his complete works for Kindle here for only $2.00):

Sleep, baby boy, sleep sweet, secure; Thou art thy father’s miniature; That art thou, though thy father goes And swears that thou hast not his nose.

A moment gone, he looked at thee, My little budding rose, And said–No doubt there’s much of me, But he has not my nose.

I think myself, it is too small, But it is his nose after all; For if thy nose his nose be not, Whence came the nose that thou hast got?

Sleep, baby, sleep; don’t half-way doze: To tease me–that’s his part. No matter if you’ve not his nose, So be you’ve got his heart!”


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