How to Get Your Kindle Highlights into Evernote

If you are struggling to find a simple way to get your Kindle highlights into your Evernote account, you should try out As far as I know, there is no other tool like this. I have prepared the steps you should follow to set this up.

Before you proceed, you should know that this method requires that you use an actual Kindle (excluding the Fire) and not an app on a different platform (PC, iOS, etc.). If you fall into this category, see this post for a less satisfying, but possible solution.

Here are the steps to sync your Kindle highlights with your Evernote account:

  1. Head over to and create an account.
  2. Now you need to give clippingsconverter permission to access Evernote. You do this under settings, “integration” (or click here).
  3. Dump your Kindle’s “My clippings” file onto your computer via the USB connection.
  4. Upload it to clippingsconverter through the “Dashboard.”
  5. Click on books, and then click export. I highly recommend selecting the option: include “content and tags” since it will add page numbers and Kindle locations to your highlights in Evernote. Note that you can export all of your books at once, or individual books one at a time.
  6. Evernote will create a new notebook called: “ClippingsConverter” where you will find all of your highlights organized by book!

Consider moving your highlights to a new notebook, as each time you repeat the process the old notes will be updated to include any new highlights. This step is only necessary if you want to edit your notes once they are in Evernote.

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One response to “How to Get Your Kindle Highlights into Evernote

  • Nathan

    Hello Josh,

    I have heard many things about Clippings Converter and how it has helped Kindle users who want to export their Kindle highlights to Evernote. There is an iOS app though that will be released on November 2013 that will allow Kindle users to export their notes and highlights to Evernote, Dropbox and Email. This app is called Snippefy ( and aside from exporting to Evernote, users will also be able to read and share their Kindle notes and highlights all in one place.

    I thought about sharing this to you and your readers as I find that it can be helpful and I hope you do to.

    Thank you


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