Ideas for Teaching with Mobile

I’m participating in a MOOC on integrating Mobile into the Classroom. Here are some ideas for how we can integrate mobile into the classroom (and more importantly outside of the calssroom). Here is some rationale for moving this direction from a slide from the webinar called “Pedagogical Strategies for Mobile Learning” with Jackie Gerstein. You can access the slide deck here.


Principle #1 – BYOD: Bring Your Own Device – information won’t transfer if students can’t access the tools beyond the walls of the classroom. List of ideas for BYOD:

  • Use QR codes to lead students through various web pages.
  • Create a flicker page for the course with instructions of various things to take pictures of (e.g., your most important values). Flickr provides a dummy email that allows anyone to submit something whether they use Flickr or not.
  • Use Padlet to create a virtual bulletin board – students don’t need an account, only you as the teacher do.

Principle #2 – move from Education 2.0 to Education 3.0: Education 1.0 is defined this way: “The teachers or administrators decide what is most important for the students to learn with little regard to the student interests. The teachers also focus on achievement test scores as a means of evaluating progress…Education 3.0 is based on the belief that content is freely and readily available. It is self-directed, interest-based learning where problem-solving, innovation and creativity drive education.”


Principle #3: Move from from andragogy to heautagogy – In Andragogy the teacher decides what is important. In Heautagogy it is “the learner himself who determines what and how learning should take place.” Heutagogy is the study of self-determined learning, and “may be viewed as a natural progression from earlier educational methodologies – in particular from capability development – and may well provide the optimal approach to learning in the twenty-first century.” Now the challenge is determining how to best make these principles a reality at Eston College.

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2 responses to “Ideas for Teaching with Mobile

  • Adrienne Mason

    Ah, I wish school was like this when I was a student 🙂 It would have been so much more fun!
    Also, how do you do heutagogy when you are required to teach a curriculum? How do you still get students engaged to learn what is required?

    • joshthejuggler

      I think we are going to start doing this with our upper classmen first and bring it in slowly with the Freshmen and Sophomores. The answer to the curriculum question is tailoring assignments to student skills and interests, and then providing more flexibility with electives (e.g., MOOCS or Guided Studies or credits from other schools). You are going to see some of these changes begin to happen next year.

      Thanks for the comment!

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